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Scoliosis is a whole-body condition that requires a whole-body solution. Don’t settle for only treating the curve. Feel free to explore the information on our site. When you’re ready, let us help you navigate the path to comprehensive scoliosis treatment.

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Scoliosis Evaluation, Treatment, and Management

We’re dedicated to treating scoliosis patients, regardless of curve severity, patient circumstance, where you may live, or what physical treatment you’re doing. Let us help you create a comprehensive, forward-thinking treatment strategy to maximize your clinical outcomes and goals.

Proper scoliosis treatment and management requires more than just physical treatment. That’s why we are a dedicated scoliosis practice. Scoliosis is nearly all we do.”

                                                          – Dr. Morningstar

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Scoliosis is the most common spine disorder among school-aged children, affecting anywhere from 2-5% of teens and pre-teens.


Chemical signals are transmitted between brain cells by neurotransmitters, which are chemical signals.

scoliosis body effects

Scoliosis is a spinal curvature that may cause discomfort and breathing difficulties.

Scoliosis World Podcast

15 Scoliosis World w/ Dr Morningstar: Scoliosis Bootcamp

In this episode of Scoliosis World, Dr. Morningstar covers what exactly Scoliosis Bootcamp at ScoliSMART is, how long it lasts, and concludes with a testimony from Serena, a long-time bootcamper.

14 Scoliosis World w/ Dr Morningstar: Vitamin D

Dr. Morningstar covers the relationship between Vitamin D levels in patients with idiopathic scoliosis and bone density.

13 Scoliosis World w/ Dr Morningstar: Scoliosis & Holiday Eating

Dr. Morningstar explains the musculoskeletal and metabolic aspects of scoliosis and how they influence the intensity of pain an adult living with scoliosis experiences, especially as those metabolic aspects are tied to holiday eating.

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